Changchai S195 and Diesel Engine

The parts shown below are the most common replacement for these s195 diesel engines. We have plenty of other China Diesel replac

ement parts and kits. If you are looking for a specific part, browse through our parts list or call 800-404-1399 for further assistance.

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s195 fine fuel filter
Fine fuel Filter
s195 primary fuel filter
Primary Fuel Filter
s195 fuel injector
Fuel Injector
s195 injector nozzle
Injector Nozzle Body
s195 headgasket
Head Gasket
s195 seal ring
Seal Ring
s195 starter

Parts Diagrams

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Cylinder Block Assembly-1
cylinder block assembly-1
Cylinder Block Assembly-2
cylinder block assembly-2
Cylinder Head Assembly
cylinder head assembly
Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly
piston and connecting rod assembly
Flywheel, Crankshaft, and Balancing Mechanismflywheel, crankshaft, and balancing mechanism
Hopper Assembly
hopper assembly
Fuel System
fuel system
Lubrication System
lubrication system
Camshaft Assembly
camshaft assembly
Gear Casing Assembly
gear casing assembly
Intake System
intake system
Exhaust System
exhaust system
Fuel Injection Pump
fuel injection pump
Fuel Injector
fuel injector
Alternator & Headlamp Bracket
alternator and headlamp bracket